8 Effie Awards on 5 Campaigns Directed by Umair Nasir Ali

5 campaigns that Umair Nasir Ali Directed won “8” Effies this year. The year 2020 was definitely the most tough and uncertain of times where only the gut and heart led us ahead and made us stronger. Hoping that the times ahead give more opportunities to work from the heart instead of volumes.
Much gratitude to
All the Production, Creative and Brand teams for the unwavering trust.
AND my team that is always there!!

1:- Surf Ramzan 2020 – Neki Nahin Rukegi
Effie Gold Award in Season Marketing Category
Effie Gold Award in Sustained Growth Category

2:- Ariel Share The Load #workforhome
Effie Silver Award in Positive Change – Social Good

3:- Sunlight – “Itna Ziyada”
Bronze in Household Supplies & Services

4:- EFU “Humrahi Digital Web-Series”
Effie Silver in the Digital Content Category

5:- Lifebuoy Hathon Ki Hifazat – Pakistan Ki Hifazat
Effie Gold Topical Marketing Crisis Response
Effie Bronze in Peronal Care
Effie Bronze Positive Change – Social Good

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