About This Project

Director: Umair Nasir Ali

Beautifully penned by Asif Sinan

against the grain, kept things simple, focused and clutter free as the product is!

do give it a try! Sipona Kahva

Executive Producer: Asif Sinan

Production House: Num Films
Producer: Rumina Umair
Line Producer: Asmat Ullah
Art Director: Laraib Rajper
2nd AD: Ramil Ahsan
Wardrobe & Styling: Ifrah Humayun
Make Up: Waqar Hussain
Talent Management: Ahmer Ali

Edit: Bilal Habib
Post: Muhammad Owais Roy @ Post Island
Grading: Aood Waiyavutti @ So Good House
Product Shots: Chris & Rana Kamran

Stills: Fayyaz Ahmed

Music & Poetry: Asif Sinan

DOP: Rana Kamran
1st AD: Ali Raza

Client: Hilton Pharma
Creative: Fayyaz Ahmed

TV Commercial