About This Project

Directed By: Umair Nasir Ali

SIUT Provides free medical treatment for kidney and liver diseases and cancers. It is a renowned centre for ethical kidney transplantation.

Post: Fawad Farooq
Colorist: Aood Waiyavutti So Good House
DP: Asrad Khan
2nd Unit DP: ShaJee Hasan
1st AD: Basit Naqvi
2nd AD: Kashif Rafique Gazdar
Intern: Sibtain Shabbir
Storyboard: Azhar Siddiqui
Styling: Iqra Sheikh
Art: Owais Qureshi Art Revolver
Producer & Edit @Muhammad Zohaib Siddiqui
Production Manager: Tabish Jalal
Assistant Producer: Jamshaid Alam
Music: Mubashir Admani
Executive Producer: Salman Farooqi

Corporate Video, Documentary, TV Commercial