Ramazan 2021: Surf Excel Pakistan continues to make the viewers emotional

Pakistan is a nation strong on human emotion, kindness and goodness. These qualities are highly evident in the Holy month of Ramazan and focusing on exactly that, Surf Excel Pakistan’s campaigns have always hit the right note.

Every Ramazan, the brand wins the audience with its powerful and heavily emotional ad campaigns. The viewers connect with the theme and concepts on a personal level which makes them heart touching and impactful. While we waited for Surf Excel Pakistan to bring to us something new this year, in the recent mini-episode of Haute Bites, Aamna Isani and Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, looked back at their favourite ads over the last few years.

Aamna shared that her favourite was the 2019 campaign Eesar Ek Ibadat which focused on a child carrying his prayers for his friend. Hassaan revealed he also loved the 2016 campaign, Madad Ek Ibadat that showed how little kids helped an elderly street hawker sell his fresh and hot samosas and made his day.

This year’s ad released focusing on a complete world and instantly won hearts. Ek Mukammal Jahan addressed the importance of filling joy in other peoples life and looking after one another.

“Pakistan is home to over 5 million orphans and adults in old age homes,” stated the campaign. Ek Mukammal Jahaan is an initiative to help them experience the joy of a family.

The heartwarming ad made many tear up while watching how little angels despite being deprived of the love and affection of a family system brought colours of joy in the empty lives of people in the old age home.

Their recent commercial shows us how the children from the orphanage and elderly at the old age home find happiness in each other’s company. When it’s time for the kids to leave, everyone seems visibly sad. While it is a heartbreaking situation, the ad ends on a happy note.

An elderly at the old-age home states that the children too have lost someone they loved just like them. “Inhone bhi kisiko khoya hai, aur humne bhi”. In a beautiful reply, a child responds with a suggestion to live together and fill each other’s emptiness. “Saath reh lenge, toh koi akela nahi rahega.”

The ad concludes by bringing the two sides together.

Have a look at the ad below: